As nails technology is a newly emerging business in artistic creation, competition in the sector is not as stiff as that in cosmetic beauty sector. Furthermore, it can be foreseen that nails technology is on the track for vigorous growth in the world of fashion that may result in a shortage of manicure business operators. Therefore the prospects of the business are promising.

In view of the fact that nails technology is an art that is easy to master, the duration of a course is shorter compared to a beauty or cosmetic course, the fees are affordable and what is more, there is no age limit and minimum academic qualifications required, job opportunities after graduation are abundant in beauty salons, hair dressing salons and wedding garment outlets.


There is no difficulty in embarking on a nails technology business. The short but effective course saves you much time in mastering all the skills needed for starting your business. The capital needed for a new business is comparatively low and the return on investment is high and fast without much risk. This is undoubtedly a business of fashion worth venturing into.