The Principal Joanne Chong having been involved in nails enchancement and nail art painting for a number of years overseas has developed a special passion for nail enchancement and nail art. She concentrated on creating nail works in the past years and considered nail art as an important contemporary art exhibiting the art on human beauty. She started classes of her own and shared her experience and knowledge with her students.  

Joanne, who is always in pursuit of nail painting art possesses among others, a Diploma in Cosmetology awarded by the government of U.S.A. She is also humbly honored to have the opportunity to learn the essence of the art from internationally famed grand masters of nail painting like the founder of a famous nail product Korea Grasia Gel from Korea, the 7-time World Champion Tom Holcomb from U.S.A. and 2-time World Champion Danny Hale.

The following are some of the diplomas and certificates obtained by Joanne Chong in the past years.

1. The Certified Judge of Taiwan Nail Association(TNA)

2. Trinity Beauty Competition Guru

3. Thailand international nail competition 2014
* Team relay champion

4. M'sia Cosmo Beauty Nail competition 2014

* M'sia grand champion 1st runner up (professional)
* Soak off gel manicure special award (professional)
* Stiletto sculpture inlay design special award (professional)
* Flat nail art end runner up(professional)
* Team relay 2nd runner up


5. Thailand international nail competition 2015
* Soak off gel manicure 5th runner up (professional)
* Stiletto sculpture inlay 2nd runner up(professional)

6. M'sia Cosmo Beauty Nail competition 2015

* M'sia grand champion -champion ship (professional)
* Stiletto sculpture inlay design 2nd runner (professional)
* Gel sculpture pink & white 4th runner up(professional)
* Team relay special award (professional)