TOP TEN Academy (IPO2401-1-1) founded in 2006 with its main academy in Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh, Perak, is currently one of the largest nails technology academies in Ipoh .

As nails technology is a newly emerging business in the country, there are very few nails technology academies around. With our techniques and expertise, we impart all professional knowledge on nail painting and nailcare to our students unreservedly. Students who have graduated from our Academy are given due recognition by others in the sector.

The burgeoning business of manicure in recent years and our unique professional approach in our teaching contribute to the steady rise in our performance resulting in our Academy going from strength to strength and the establishment of our branch in Greentown Commercial Center. We have won acclamation from the public as a result of our professional teaching that has groomed approximately one hundred graduates to date.

Our success can be attributed to our “professional” teaching. The Academy has formulated effective and all-round approaches in our teaching complemented by adequate teaching materials and well-qualified and experienced teaching staff, training our students to be top class nails specialist and helping them to realize their dreams or achieve their goal.