In this new age where the trend is moving towards aesthetics, many products boast aesthetics as their selling point. For individuals, their pursuit of beauty is no exception. Of late, in addition to cosmetic beauty and hair styling, nails technology has mesmerized many Malaysians too and become an important element in the beauty concept of trendy people.  

TOP TEN spares no effort in introducing this new artistic technology to Malaysia and grooming students into top-notch manicurists and nailcare specialists. Students will be equipped with the expertise and able to work independently after attending our professional training course. This has also resulted in the increasing popularity of manicure locally.

In order to play a leading role in nails technology, we constantly bring in the latest information on the trends of nails technology from oversea countries like U.S.A., Japan, Korea, etc enabling our students to be in line with other nations in this sector. 

We strive to stimulate students’ potential through our professional
approaches, helping them to unleash their creative thinking and promoting
free development and enhancement for this artistic technology.