Our aim is always to provide a good training to our students. We differ from others in that we adopt “One to One” approach instead of the traditional group teaching. Therefore there is individual attention and ample interaction between teachers and students.

Under the “One to One” System, a student can enroll for a class at any convenient time. There is a fee to be paid for a course but there is no specified duration or number of hours for a semester/term. There will not be any extra charge even if the duration needs to be extended for the students to acquire the knowledge and techniques.



The progress in our teaching will be based on students’ performance. We carry out systematic teaching with reference to the requirements set by City & Guilds. We do not rush to complete the course and attempt to send students out of the Academy in a hurry.

Our course is comparatively richer in its contents. Students not only can acquire the knowledge as provided, they can also share with their teachers the info on the most fashionable styles and shapes in nails art in the city, grasping the latest most ‘in’ trend in nails technology.

Students who have graduated are allowed to repeat the same course for free (only the teaching part). Some students may find themselves rusty if they join the nails technology business only some time after their graduation. In this case, they may return to the Academy to repeat the course free of charge.